30 ways to upgrade your tekkers!

Want to be your team's tekkers don? Then check out MOTD mags skills tips!

1 Perform when it matters!

If a chance falls to you in the box, make it count. Cristiano Ronaldo always turns up for the big moments in the big games. Be the match-winner everyone remembers!

2 Rock some sick wheels!

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pair to give you that extra spark on the pitch. Look the part, feel the part, readers!

3 Be Confident!

Always believe in your own ability. If you don’t get it right the first time, just try again. Trust your tekkers!

4 Train your weaknesses!

When Leo Messi was young his free-kicks were rank – so what did he do? He kept practising until he never missed one!

5 Celebrate like a boss!

Putting your hand in the air isn't enough! Be creative and come up with a sick celebration you can bust out every time you bag!

6 Study your hero!

Want to play like your favourite player? Study ten matches they play in and note down key aspects of their game and then apply it to your own tekkers!

7 Join a team!

You might look like a baller in your garden, but it only counts on the pitch. Join a local team and show off your tekkers when it really matters. It’ll feel ledge!

8 Prep Like A Pro!

We’re all up for a game of FIFA, but there’s a time and place – and before a game is not the time. Get focused, fuel yourself properly and have a good warm-up!

9 Use your voice!

Don’t be afraid to tell your team-mates how it is in a constructive way. Top players talk to each other on the pitch and offer helpful tactical tips!

10 Set yourself goals!

How are you supposed to kick on with your footy without ambition? Set yourself season targets, whether it’s goals, assists or starts in the team, and do everything you can to reach them!

11 Find your signature!

All top players have a special move. Eden Hazard loves assisting and Mohamed Salah cuts inside. Discover yours and it'll give you an edge over other players!

12 Recover right!

Make sure you drink plenty of water after training and matches, and get lots of rest. You won’t be at your best next game if you don't!

13 Stay motivated!

Without that, you won't be able to play to the best of your ability. If you want to make it to the top you need to WANT to be out there, giving it your all. So never lose sight of what your targets are!

14 Understand what it takes!

This part is huge! You’ll never become a pro baller without learning about how to get there. Following all of MOTD mag’s Tekkers page tips is a good start!

15 Become two-footed!

Need proof that two-footed ballers are better than one? Look no further than Lionel Messi, readers. He causes chaos and defendersnever know which way he’ll go!

16 Kit yourself out!

Sick ballers need sick gear! Save up your pocket money and net some swazzy training garms and a pair of decent shinnies!

17 Get match fit!

You might feel fit running around with your pals, but in-game fitness is a whole new ball game. The only way you can get match fit? By playing matches!

18 Know the rules!

The last thing you want is to mess up over a silly rule during a match. It might sound simple, but learn ALL footy rules and it’ll help you lead by example!

19 Challenge yourself!

Don't stay in your comfort zone. If matches are too easy, step up and move to a better team and test your ability!

20 Prevent injuries!

Warming up and down before and after games will keep your muscles in good shape. If you feel pain, don’t play through it. Rest up and get it looked at. Don’t cause any long-term damage!

21 Find a mentor!

Everyone needs a kick up the butt every now and then. Find someone who'll keep you focused, give you good advice and who you can talk footy with. It helps to have someone to turn to!

22 Remember it's a team game!

With some practise and the right attitude, you’ll become a baller in no time – but you need to remember it’s not just about you. It’s about the team and winning. That’s where the real ballers are at!

23 Take your chances!

Only turn down a new opportunity if it doesn’t seem right for you. If you feel nervous about something, it usually means you should do it. Go get it – you never know where something might lead!

24 Turn up the tricks!

Every top baller needs to have some well silky skills in their locker! Flashes of magic on the pitch always catch people’s attention – and you just never know who could be watching!

25 Add some swaz!

There's nothing wrong with a smidge of swaz every now and again. Not every ball has to be delicately chipped. Swaz the leather off it and turn some heads, yeah?

26 Deal with nerves!

Those butterflies are actually your body’s way of confronting your fears. Identify what’s making you feel nervous and build a plan to push past it. Plus, never confuse nerves with excitement!

27 Be patient!

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been playing well. Your form will pick up eventually – just keep practising and training well. Hard work beats talent – because sometimes talent isn’t enough!

28 Deal with nerves!

You’ll be surprised how many tough situations a good first touch can get you out of. Work on controlling the ball in pressured, tight scenarios and you’ll be the team’s go-to composure king!

29 Be a leader!

Talk to your team-mates and be a leader on the pitch! All the best ballers are looked up to by their squad – and you need to earn that respect!

30 Become a winner!

Don't settle for anything other than a win! C-Ron lives his life this way and so should you. Do whatever it takes for you to come out on top!

Stobbsy Bighead