A quick fire Q&A with Adebayo Akinfenwa, AKA 'The Beast' and the strongest man in FIFA!

Who’s the world's best player?

Adebayo says: “Messi!”

If you could play for any team, who would it be?

Adebayo says: “I’d pick the best team in the world, Liverpool! Me and Firmino would play a half each, and I’d have Mane and Salah doing my running for me!”

Adebayo Akinfenwa playing against Liverpool in the FA Cup 2015

Who is your favourite EFL team?

Adebayo says: “Wycombe Wanderers!”

Who’s the best player in the EFL?

Adebayo says: “That’s a really hard question; there are so many good players! I think Bradley Dack at Blackburn has a really big future, so I’ll throw his name out there!”

If you could play against any team, who would it be?

Adebayo says: “I’d probably like to play against Barcelona. I probably wouldn’t touch the ball much because they’re very good but I’d like to play them!”

Would you rather speed or strength?

Adebayo says: “What? Come on! Strength, every day. Speed is over-rated!”

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

How embarrassed do you get when someone nutmegs you?

Adebayo says: “Firstly, no-one has ever nutmegged me and got through to the other side. I’ve been nutmegged, but they’ve never got past me!”

If you could have a day with any player, who would it be?

Adebayo says: “Good question, that’s a hard one! I’m going to say Aubameyang; I’ve seen he’s got nice fast cars so I think I’d like it if he took me out in one!”

VAR or no VAR?

Adebayo says: “No VAR. I think it’s too confusing. It has its positives and negatives but, at the moment, the negatives outweigh the positives!”

Who’s the toughest player you have faced?

Adebayo says: “The toughest is probably Wes Morgan. Leicester captain, centre-back. He’s strong, but not as strong as me!”

Wes Morgan hand aloft for Leicester