ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE – F4F World, Brand-new footy app

WE ARE SO into our gaming at the moment! There’s even a new footy app game, called F4F World, which has been  made as a part of the ace Gazprom Football for Friendship children’s social programme, and it let you put your footy skills to the test!

This isn’t an ordinary footy game, though. Have you ever thought what it would be like if fair play was awarded with extra points – or even each keeper’s save counted in the team’s favour? F4F World makes this all possible and even more. It has several different games modes with different scoring systems, so you can take your pick what type of footy you want to play. You can even play as a fan and help cheer other teams to success. Playing as a fan influences the team’s performance – just like in real life! 

It’s a whole new way to play the beautiful game! There’s even been a Football for Friendship eWorld Championship, with players from around the world playing in mixed teams and wearing the friendship bracelets, facing off to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul next year. Team Granular Salamander were the winners and will get to see the biggest game in European footy in style! 

If you want to get stuck into the action, and start making the ballers and team you’ll lead to victory, search F4F World on the App Store or on the official website for free.

Good luck!