Jamie Vardy!
"I forgot my lunch!"
Dylan aged 10
"Aahhh. That was a nice fart."
Oscar aged 11
"Just taking a bite out of my imaginary sandwiches!"
Samuel aged 12
"When mum yells at you 'cause you forgot to put away your blocks!"
Boris aged 4
"When you've forgot to record MOTD on the telly!"
Johnny aged 9
"Noooooo! I missed MOTD Kickabout!"
Roscoe aged 11
"La la la la l am a beautiful singer I should be on the X-Factor!"
Keelin aged 11
"Ahhhh my wig nearly blew off!"
Noah aged 9
"When your mum tells you that you’re having broccoli for tea..."
George aged 11
"The WiFi is gone again!"
Daniel aged 10
Paz and Ketch BBC MOTD mag