Zlatan Ibrahimovic
"Touch me and you’ll get Zlataned!"
Ltx17 aged 10
"Do the washing now or you will be grounded!"
Fletcher aged 10
"Yo dude I had slugs for breakfast!"
Timothy aged 7
"Back away ball, I’ll kick you hard!"
Alex aged 11
"REF! My hair was clearly onside!"
Max aged 9
"Look, Nan... let me just watch five more minutes of Match of the Day!"
Conor aged 11
"Mum, I've already told you, my dollhouse needs to go at the corner of the room!"
Brent aged 9
"Where's my flute?"
Roddy aged 4
"I did win the Champions League! Look at my invisible trophy!"
Edie aged 8
Paz and Ketch BBC MOTD mag