Our mad moggy mascot is alive and well, and needs your advice...

Clive says: “Hello reader, greetings from Hammersmith beach – it’s me: Clive the Cat! The mad mascot moggy from Match of the Day magazine!

“Now, if you read MOTD mag every week you’ll know I went ‘missing‘ for 28 weeks recently (I escaped haha!)”

“But now I’m back in the Paz & Ketch column AKA The Paz & Ketch Den!”

“It’s like I’ve never been away, I’ve got my big red phone back and I’m ready to dial up footballers!”

“So, who shall I call next? Enter your suggestions below, say why I should ring them and I’ll get to it!”

“Pick up MOTD mag every Tuesday to see if I make contact with your suggested player!”



Clive the Cat on his red phone wearing glasses
Paz and Ketch BBC MOTD mag