He plays in midfield for Athletic Bilbao and started his 10th season in Spain by beating Barcelona!


Dani says: "Listen, the fixtures are released and the first game is against Barca. Everyone says it's a complicated start. Now our morale is sky high after beating the reigning LaLiga champions!"

That goal by Aduriz, the beauty of it, the timing… was it more special for all of you seeing as it's his final year with the team?

Dani says: "Yes, listen, I think it was a special moment for everyone. Both for him, coming on and scoring that goal, and for the team that pushed forward in that minute. And now we know that it's difficult for them to get to us if we sit back and defend. It's the first time I've beaten Barca and it was really exciting for me. And I think for him to score that goal, even more so!

Dani Garcia passing the ball
Adriuz overhead bicycle kick
Dani Garcia with Frenkie de Jong

What was your take on the move?

Dani says: "It was a typical move of ours from a throw-in. And listen, a precise cross and an incredible strike. Since I've known Adu, since I came to the Basque Country to train, right away we practised crosses and shots and I was amazed at his finishing. And I think you see him putting the ball away in every training session… We're not surprised that he scored that goal!"

What objectives are you setting yourself in terms of football for this season?

Dani says: "More than anything, as I said, last year everything was new for me. I think I've had a year to learn at Athletic and have to step it up a level compared to last year. I didn't at Eibar and now I hope I can here!"

And what about your own objectives?

Dani says: "No, listen, I'm an ambitious guy and I think it's important to show ambition in life. But you also have to realise that LaLiga is a long haul and if you make a positive start, you'll set yourself different goals than if you start like we did last year.

A what dream is yet to come true in football for you?

Dani says: "Playing in Europe. Last year was a huge blow, because I'm one of the players in this dressing room who hasn't played in Europe and I'm really eager to. Not just for me to play in Europe, but for my family and my girlfriend to come to watch me play somewhere else. Reaching the top… It's not just Europe. If we reached the final of the Copa del Rey, that would be a dream come true for me. We're going to fight for it."

Dani Garcia playing against Barcelona