Harry Kane and Steph Houghton have written a special letter to your parents, and the people who watch your junior football matches!

Dear parents and spectators,

This is a special place.
By standing behind this line you have an important role.
You have the power to influence today’s game.
Always respect the referee and coaches.
When mistakes happen, offer your support.
Never tolerate offensive behaviour.
Create an environment that is safe, fun and inclusive for everyone.
Growing up and playing here, the support of my family, coaches and team mates helped me fall in love with football.
For me, the encouragement of my mum, dad and coaches led me from this pitch to world cups.
So play your part in making this pitch a place of positivity.
Commit to being a positive parent or spectator- sign the FA’s pledge of positivity.

All the best,

Steph Houghton and Harry Kane

Paz and Ketch BBC MOTD mag