FIFA commentators Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley believe one of these will be crowned the greatest FIFA 19 player EVER this weekend!
Richard Buckley and Brandon Smith FIFA Commentators

richard's picks:


Stefano Pinna

Richard says: "Pinna has had a very impressive FIFA 2019 with constant top placings making him a very good shout to go all the way in London! Despite not competing for a team he is ranked No.3 on the PS4 platform!"

A pro FIFA player holding a gold PS4 gamepad

Rebel Stokes

Richard says: "Stokes has made an empathetic return after a few years off competing! His unbelievable understanding of the mechanics of the game and perfecting these mechanics make him dangerous!"

MSdossarry takes a selfie on a sunny day in London wearing shades


Richard says: "The current World Champion has had a fantastic 2019 winning two FUT Cups this season, he's attempting to be the first ever player to win back to back World Championships!"

Danish FIFA gamer Ustun in Paris


Richard says: "Ustun might be the most attacking gamer on this list, he scores goals for fun, for what he might lack in defensive ability he certainly makes up for in goalscoring areas: Goals! Goals! Goals!"

The stage at the 2018 FIFA eWorldCup at the o2

Futwiz Marko

Richard says: "Futwiz Marko is representing an entire religion of FIFA fans in the Southern Hemisphere – he is their FIFA hero! If he was to bring home the eWorldCup there might be a Futwiz Marko statue next to the Sydney opera House being built!"

Richard Buckley FIFA eSports Commentator
Richard Buckley – FIFA COMMENTATOR


F2 Tekkz concentrating on a professional FIFA game


Brandon says: "A player who has had one of the most impressive competitive FIFA seasons ever! Seven trophies this year, more then any other pro FIFA player in the world. He’s the man that everyone is backing and talking about heading into this FIFA eWorld Cup Finals!"

eSports set at a FIFA eWorldCup qualifying event

Wolfsburg Dullen Mike

Brandon says: "The youngest player here and competing in his first grand finals! He became the youngest FUT Champions Cup Winner At the age of just 16! His success saw him pick up a huge move to Wolfsburg before the finals. One of the most fearless players in London!"

PSG Daxe professional FIFA gamer player eSports

PSG Daxe

Brandon says: "They call Daxe the French artist! He is known for his beautiful style of play and looks to only play proper football. He won the first ever eNations Cup this year and has remained within the top five all season thanks to his dominance! His time is definitely coming – can he be the next player to follow the footsteps of two times FeWC Winner Bruce Grannec?

A professional FIFA gamer NICOLAS99FC holds his prize money

FC Basel Nicolas99FC

Brandon says: "Nicolas has been a level above the rest on PS4 ever since his breakout year 2017 when he reached the finals. His Fifa 19 season has been even better, they call him the iceman! However at the 2018 eWorldCup he left the competition at the semi final stage and in his own opinion wasn’t good enough. This year he wants to become the first ever Argentine to win an eWorld Cup!

New York City Chris fifa gamer

New York City Chris

Richard says: "Chris has been the most active player in terms of competition this year and was rewards for his efforts by winning the first ever eChampions League! He has more experience than most when it comes to competition and he will have a whole nation behind him as a solo representative of USA! Could they be on for a second world title this summer?

Brandon Smith picks his favourites to win the FIFA19 eWorldCup 2019 in London