Firm Choice!

These New Balance Furon boots are minty fresh for the summer

Are you ready for the summer months? It might be time for a change of boots!

In winter, when pitches get super wet and muddy, it’s best to wear soft-ground boots. These usually have screw-in studs, made of metal or plastic and are usually quite long!

Now the summer’s on its way, pitches are dry and the grass is cut nice and short, it’s time to go firm ground!

Side angle!

These black and green New Balance Furons are a great example of FG boots – great option for the summer months!​


Firm ground boots often have short blades rather than studs. These cut into the tougher ground better helping you twist and turn!


The pro version of these Furon cost £144, it’s £36 for the junior sizes and you can buy them at!