Catching up with England’s No.23 between training, chilling and big matches!

Hi Lucy! Who is your room-mate?

Lucy says: “Demi Stokes! She’s really cool and super chilled. She likes to sleep, but we’ve known each other since we were about 12 so it’s just like sharing with my sister!”

What luxury item have you taken with you?

Lucy says: “I’ve got Uno. I started playing it heavily while I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got some chocolate, too, which I can snuck into my bag. Ha-ha!”

What have you been up to on your days off?

Lucy says: “My family have visited so I’ve seen them a bit and soaked up the sun. It’s always nice to sit around the pool and chill with the girls, too. I’ve heard that Nice and Monte Carlo are really nice – so would be good to look around there if we get a chance!”

How much sleep have you been getting?

Lucy says: “I can function off of minimal sleep, but I get a solid nine or ten hours before games. Our games are in the evening, too, so I don’t mind a nap during the day, too. Ha-ha!”

Have you taken any books with you?

Lucy says: “I do read and my dad wanted to wanted to get me some positive mind-set books, but I don’t know how I feel about that!”

What are you watching on TV while you’re in France?

Lucy says: “Love Island! We all get together and watch it. I do just want to enjoy being there, though, so probably won’t watch much TV apart from that!”

three reasons why England will win the World Cup…

Lucy says: “We’re super-talented with world-class players, we’re really well prepared and we’re just a good group of people who everyone should get behind!”