Nike place a newly designed ball onto the centre circle for the final stages of the season!

Welcome to the ‘Premier League “Tunnel Vision” Merlin’ football!

A brand new ball that will used in all Premier League matches between now and the end of the season!

It’s loaded with Nike’s Aerowtrac technology, [TRANSLATION]: It won’t move too much in the air no matter how hard it’s blasted!
The “Tunnel Vision” design is a mashup of balance of clarity and disorder that a player has to balance to achieve success in the Prem – bright orange circles amid a flurry of graphics.
Focus on one task while ignoring everything else – Tunnel Vision, get it?
One of the panels features the prized Prem trophy, reminding each team of the ultimate end-of-season goal (that Liverpool will win)

The Premier League “Tunnel Vision” Merlin will make its debut during the Chelsea v Tottenham game on Feb 22nd. The ball is available from today (February 17th) on