Nike bring back the original Nike Geo Merlin!

Collectors better be quick – only 600 units of this iconic football have been re-made!

Nike have launched a limited edition run of original Nike Geo Merlins – the first Nike ball to ever be used in the Premier League when Nike took over ball-supplier duties from Mitre in 2000!

Described at the time as the roundest, fastest, most accurate ball ever, 992 goals have been scored using the Nike Geo Merlin since it was launched 19 seasons ago!

Now, a like-for-like remake of the original, is available to buy, including: Dynamic Support Structure to keep the ball in shape when struck, high-solid polyurethane and polyethelene foam to provide responsiveness and vulcanized latex rubber to create a ‘trampoline’ effect when you smash this ball goal-wards!

Nike Geo Merlin football close up
The 19-20 Premier League ball and the 00-01 Nike football