#AskOllie – We need you!

Send us your questions for Brentford’s red-hot forward and potential Championship POTY, Ollie Watkins!

It’s not often you get to ask a question to one of the most deadly finishers in England – but MOTDmag have linked up with Brentford’s Ollie Watkins to give you just that chance!

We want to hear your questions for the top baller, as we’ll be posing some of them to Ollie very soon.

Ollie has scored 22 goals in the Championship this season, so maybe you’ll want to ask for some finishing tips? Maybe you just want to know what his go-to bag of sweets is? We’re buzzing to see what you guys want to know!  

Drop your questions in the form below and keep your eyes peeled for our mega interview, coming soon!