We've tackled the ace online modes on the top new footy game, eFootball PES 2020!

PES 2020 is out now!

Our big review of the game was in last week’s magazine, but the online modes weren’t live, so we couldn’t review them!

The modes are live in-game now – and we’ve spent some time getting to grips with them.

There’s a brand new Matchday mode, which we’ve been super excited for, but let’s first start with returning favourite, myClub!


This year, the mode builds on what has worked best in previous years. 

There are some big name additions to the game. We started and played with 2019 Ronaldinho and he was an absolute baller!

Bagging top players from agents still feels dynamite – as did filling our team with the likes of Lionel Messi, Mo Salah and Bernardo Silva.

Playing with the players you’ve assembled is all sorts of rewarding, especially when two of your new signings link up to score a worldie!

The big new addition is Matchday mode!

This mode asks you to pick between one of two sides – Schalke or Bayern, or Inter or AC Milan, for example – and then face off with others from around the world to rack up points for your team. 

We think we’ll have a lot of fun with Matchday this season, picking a side and battling to fire them to victory, but it’s unfortunate that you can only play the mode between certain times, on specific days.

We know we’ll be sinking quite a few hours into these modes this term!