Umbro release the UX Accuro 3 Limited Edition

Controlling the ball is an important skill in football and the boot makers at legendary British brand Umbro think they can help!

Read on if you have lots of touches on the ball, cover great distances and want ultimate control!

This Accuro 3 Limited Edition has been loaded with D30 technology – have a quick peep of this video…

D30 a protective piece of tech used by the army and industrial workers! Umbro have stuffed into the front of their Accuro 3.

It’s like a glue-covered boot – just without the stickiness.

Umbro boot boffins

Elsewhere, there’s a ‘U-fit collar’ to keep you stable and support the heel, oh and ‘Memory Flex’ technology, so the boot flexes in harmony with the movement of your foot!

How about that orange too? The oppo won’t be able to take there eyes off your wheels!