We burned some rubber on Sonic's epic new racing game!

10min 22secs BUDDY UP!

After a quick free race, we went into two=player mode for a team race grand prix – so we had to work together to win!

25min 23 secs fierce competition!

The oppo were tough – even on normal mode! We did manage to dole out some Ls, but recieved plenty, too!

44min 38secs all the trophies!

We found that we got loads of trophies while playing – after an hour we had 11 without even trying. Result!

52min 54secs hard luck!

Even after two Grand Prix attempts on normal we still couldn't win overall. Teamwork is tough!

58min 33secs mod pods!

You can spend your in-gam currency on capsules that change your game. This is how our Zavok looked when we finished!

Paz and Ketch BBC MOTD mag