Tekkers Tuesday Episode Four!

Magic Touch!

The MAGIC TOUCH! with special guest: Couchie from hashtag united!


This week’s challenge tests your ball control, using a range of movements.

Moving the ball from side to side, work it all the way up to your head with each body part, before coming all the way back down again to the floor.

Use both feet, both knees, both shoulders and your head before bringing it back down to your feet.

Only the tekkiest in the game can do this, so graft, master and join the club!


  • Start with your strongest foot!
  • Connect with enough power to move it up your body!
  • Master each section before putting it together!
  • Take light touches on the way down!
  • And, of course, don’t forget to Hashtag it!

What are you waiting for? Lace up the boots and get to it, readers!

Nailed this week’s challenge? Upload your video below and we’ll add it to our #TekkersTuesday highlights reel! 

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Make sure you get your parents permission if you’re Under 18!