Tekkers Tuesday Episode One!

Wall Ball!


Keep the ball up against a wall a total of TEN TIMES in a row without it touching the floor.

This will help improve your touch, power control and improvisation in possession.

Haven’t got a wall you can use? Try to get hold of a rebounder or ask someone in your house if they can feed you the ball back each time you play it into their hands.

If you’re going to do it that way, ask for their throws back to you to be unpredictable and sharp!


  • Use both feet!
  • Aim high!
  • Use enough power to get a decent rebound!
  • Don’t be afraid to take a few touches to get it under control!
  • Finish in style!
  • Oh, and don’t break anything. LOL!

What are you waiting for? Lace up the boots and get to it, readers!

Nailed this week’s challenge? Upload your video below and we’ll add it to our #TekkersTuesday highlights reel! 

You can also email videos to website@MOTDmag.com! Make sure you get your parents permission if you’re U-18!

Stobbsy Bighead