Tekkers Tuesday Episode Two!

Fire 50!


This one is all about your touch.

Keep the ball up 50 times using alternative feet, staying true to your position.

I’ve used some MOTD mags to mark out a circle to stay inside, but you can use cones, bottles or even your old smelly socks.

It’s rare that you’ll use keepy-ups in a game situation, but mastering how to manipulate the ball with both feet while it’s in flight will help you develop your control in a variety of in-game situations.

If you need to simplify the challenge, try using a bounce in between each touch. You’ve got this!


  • Take light touches!
  • Keep your balance!
  • Use a walking motion!
  • Keep your eyes on the ball!
  • And, as always, finish in style!

What are you waiting for? Lace up the boots and get to it, readers!

Nailed this week’s challenge? Upload your video below and we’ll add it to our #TekkersTuesday highlights reel! 

You can also email videos to website@MOTDmag.com!

Make sure you get your parents permission if you’re Under 18!

Stobbsy Bighead