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Billy and Jez from the F2 laughing

Who is the world’s Ultimate Footballer?

Jez says: “I’m gonna say Cristiano Ronaldo, because he’s like a government experiment. If you made a footballer out of a machine, they would probably look like Ronaldo. His application to trying to be the ultimate footballer is amazing. His physique, height, pace, strength!”

What is the dream for your football club, F2 FC?

Billy says: “We want to use the team to play in front of big crowds and generate money for charity. That’s the ultimate goal now. We don’t want to be the biggest team online – we want to express ourselves and raise money for different causes!”

Jez says: “We just want to use it as a 100% positive. We don’t want rivalries or competitiveness. We want to support other teams and everyone to get on board with the positive impact we’re trying to have on charities!”

Cristiano Ronaldo dribbling the ball for Juventus
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang posing in Arsenal's new Adidas kit

What’s your fave kits this season?

Jez says: “The Arsenal stuff is just incredible!”

Billy says: “You can’t go wrong with Real Madrid kits – the white and gold is so nice!”

Who would you add to The F2 to make The F3?

Billy says: “I’d say Ramelldo. He’s got the ability, the looks, the charm, the personality!”

What is the Best chocolate bar on the planet?

Jez says: “I love the Lindt balls at the moment!”

WHAT ARE THE Three best attributes as players?

Jez says: “Creativity, ball control and dribbling!”


Jez says: “Adebayo Akinfenwa!”

Adebayo Akinfenwa of Wycombe Wanderers and team-mate react after a missed opportunity during the pre-season friendly match between Wycombe Wanderers and West Ham United at Adams Park on July 14, 2018
Josh King holding a pair of Adidas X boots

Favourite boot of all time?

Billy says: “Adidas Xs – so comfortable!”

best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Billy says: “I remember my first performance at Tottenham in front of 40,000 people. I was a kid and really nervous. At half-time, I said to my dad what happens if I drop the ball? He said, ‘tell me how many people can do what you’re doing on the pitch? I was like, ‘none of them!’"

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