THE LIONESSES in their own words!

The Lionesses tell us what they think of each other – and their manager!
Mary Earps pointing with gloves


Kiera Walsh says: “It’s her first season at Man. United. She’s one of the most competitive in the squad. She’s always working really hard and does a little bit extra in the gym. She’s got a lovely side pass – unbelievable tekkers!”


Beth Mead says: “He’s one of a kind! He’s got a few buzz words – he doesn’t like to swear so just shouts ‘hell fire’ instead. He pretends he goes for loads of runs and eats vegan food, and his banter is terrible – ha-ha! He is passionate. I’ll give him that!”

Demi Stokes England

demi stokes

Lauren Hemp says: “She’s a strong and powerful player on the pitch and really helps me at club level. She’s always the hardest working in the gym by far. A very nice girl!”


Chloe Kelly says: “A true leader. She helps the youngsters settle in well and is a free-kick specialist. She’s a true professional!”

Steph Houghton sshhing with her finger on her lips

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